Dapein I Hydropower Project

2020-07-24 16:52

Dapein I Hydropower Project (HPP) is situated in Kachin State, the Union of Myanmar, very close to the border between China and Myanmar, on the main stream of Dapein River. With 4 identical units of 60MW, the total installed capacity is 240MW. Developed under the mode of BOT, Dapein I HPP is the first overseas investment, construction and operation project of China Datang. Construction of the power station started in July 2007, and all four units were put into operation for power generation by the end of 2010.

Dapein I HPP is a key China-Myanmar power cooperation project and has attracted attention from all walks of life. Since the power station was put into operation, it has provided safe, high-quality, stable, and clean electric energy to the Bhamo region of Myanmar, which has been affirmed by the government and the people.


the dam


the powerhouse


the dam


the generator

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